Less Invasive to Your Healthy Teeth

Minimally invasive approaches to care mean that we can preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Instead of over-aggressive restorations, we aim to protect, remineralize, and reverse early signs of oral disease when possible.

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Patient feeling comfortable during her procedure

For example, Dr. Rooney may:

  • Prepare a tooth for a filling with an air abrasion tool rather than a dental drill.
  • Apply remineralization agents to teeth to reverse early damage before cavities appear.
  • Place protective sealants in cavity-prone areas to reduce the risk of decay.
  • Use smaller inlays and onlays instead of larger dental crowns.

We’ll also help identify risk factors that you can help manage between dental checkups, reducing your likelihood of developing dental diseases like decay and periodontitis.

Faster Recovery Times

Using minimally invasive care approaches means that our Leawood dental patients can recover from their procedures more quickly.

Gentler for Our Patients

Everyone wants the gentlest care possible. By practicing a conservative approach to care, we can reduce the need for extra numbing medications or sedation. Additionally, we can usually reduce the number of appointments you need to help cut back on the time you spend in the dental chair.

By repairing teeth while situations are small, conservative treatments are also more affordable over the long-term health of your smile.