One of the most significant side-effects of periodontal disease in Leawood, KS is its impact on our bones. Active periodontal infections cause bone resorption (shrinkage), which can in turn:

  • Weaken our jaws
  • Reduce support for teeth
  • Lead to tooth loss
  • Cause premature facial aging

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Gum Disease & Bone Health Example

Treatment for Bone Loss

Managing periodontal disease begins with early screenings and gum treatments, then requires ongoing hygiene practice to prevent relapse. However, none of these therapies can work to reverse the bone loss caused by more aggressive infections.

To restore fullness to your facial features and combat tooth loss, our Leawood dentist may recommend more specialized therapies such as:

Bone Augmentation—Bone Augmentation— Placing a bone graft into an area of moderate to severe bone loss can help support gum tissues, reinforce adjacent teeth, and delay bone loss in your jaws. Bone grafting is also ideal if you plan to install dental implants in that area.

Soft Tissue Grafting— Loss of gum tissue is common around infected teeth. As gum shrinks back, so does the bone tissue underneath. Gum grafting may be recommended to restore natural tissue height or to compliment bone augmentation.

Dental Implants— Implants are ideal if you have missing teeth, as they provide a permanent solution for speaking and eating. They also improve your facial appearance as they prevent additional bone loss in that location, adding fullness to your cheeks, lips, and overall profile.

Gum Disease Treatment

The best treatment for gum disease is prevention. But if a diagnosis is made once bone loss and pocketing occur, a series of deep cleanings will usually be required. If damage is severe, grafting or gum surgery may be necessary. A series of cleanings will provide you with a clean environment to maintain in the future, limiting your risk for relapse and additional bone loss.

Should I Extract My Teeth?

While our top priority is to preserve your natural smile, severe areas of periodontal infection may be best controlled by removing the teeth at that location. If that is the case, Dr. Rooney will want to provide bone therapy such as a graft or implant to halt additional bone loss in your jaw.

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