About Convergent Dentistry

Practice description: Convergent Dentistry typically serves patients with severe dental issues. Complex needs can be attributed to neglect and/or fear of the dentist. For example, general dentist may refer patients to a variety of specialists. Patients seeking specialist care can instead get treated all in one place, at Convergent Dentistry.

General dentists aren't always equipped to manage multiple issues efficiently and effectively. Referrals from a general dentist can take numerous specialist visits. Imagine having to see various practitioners: Endodontist (root canal(s) to save the tooth), Oral Surgeon (tooth removal), Periodontist (gum disease and reverse bone loss), Prosthodontist (dentures, partials and implant to restore appearance and health).Sedation options at Convergent make effective and comfortable procedures possible. We do it all in one place. Check out our blog post from April 2020: Convergent Dentistry is a resource center to maximizing oral health and minimizing risks.

Convergent Dentistry

Our Goal: We will get you back to full dental health. Referral patients are treated and returned back to their general dentist. General dentists can then complete crown & bridge work and maintenance such as regular cleanings and exams.