Convergent Dentistry (Leawood, KS) provides comprehensive general, preventative, and restorative dental services in one location. Whether you’re on the road toward better oral health or need to address multiple dental concerns, Dr. Rooney in Leawood, Kansas will always treat your mouth from a holistic standpoint. Some of our various services include:

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Dental Exams

Regular dental exams allow us to carefully monitor your oral health developments from one visit to the next. When atypical symptoms are noted, Dr. Rooney can intervene as early as possible, providing the least invasive restorative option available. People with healthy teeth and gums typically require an exam at least twice per year.

Oral Cancer and Periodontal Screenings

Early and routine screenings for common oral diseases are important for preventing tooth loss, not to mention improve your chances of recovery.

Digital X-rays

High-resolution imaging allows us to screen for decay, cysts, bone loss, abscesses, and other developmental concerns that are not visible during a clinical exam. With digital imaging can co-plan your care right alongside us.

Oral Hygiene Services

Preventative dental cleanings keep your smile healthy and reduce your chances of tooth loss. We partner with you to develop care techniques tailored to your unique dental situation.

Dental Fillings

Dr. Rooney uses minimally-invasive techniques to provide cosmetic dental fillings that are safer for your smile (and more attractive.) Relaxing sedation is also available upon request.

Insurance and Payment Options

Most preventative care and exams are covered by insurance at or close to 100%. If you require restorative treatment, our patient coordinators will work to curate a care plan that outlines your insurance coverage as it relates to the options available. We also provide flexible payment plan options for each of our services.

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