Right now, there is a lot of hesitation when it comes to seeking proper health care.

Waiting until oral health becomes a critical emergency will likely put patients between a rock and a hard place. Consult your dentist! Yes, the Kansas Department of Health and the American Dental Association have ordered offices to limit care to essential and emergency services. So what if you’re in pain? Having trouble chewing? What is the safest route at a time like this?

Pain and Sedation

Convergent Dentistry is a great place for emergency services because we provide pain free care and sedation dentistry. Our goal is to make your visit as comfortable as possible. You are in the right place where complex urgent needs can be properly managed.

In an emergency, people often experience an increase in anxiety or fear. IV sedation, Oral Sedation, and Nitrous Oxide are routine methods of stress management. Convergent Dentistry offers anesthesia options to simplify emergency oral care.

Safety During Covid-19

Patient safety is our top priority. Disinfecting procedures, increasing safety protocols and low volume visits are ways in which we are addressing Covid-19 regulations and recommendations. Our disinfecting protocols might be similar to what you could expect in an emergency room. Sadly, emergency rooms are ill-equipped to treat dental patients. Our office respects and understands existing healthy oral tissues and structures. We save our patients from pain or suffering: compassionate care and regeneration are in our code of conduct. Dr. Rooney is well credentialed and is most interested in preserving, protecting and regenerating damaged tissues or disease.

Logistically speaking, we are doing the following to protect patients at this time: disinfection of surfaces and traffic areas between every person’s entry/exit, using oral barriers (rubber dams) to minimize droplet/aerosol spread, scheduling only one patient at a time and giving time for office disinfection between appointments, minimizing deliveries and rerouting to separate patient needs from supply needs. Lastly, masks are now mandatory for all dental procedures no matter the complexity. See our last blog post for more details on what we are doing to address Covid-19.

Efficient Emergencies

We are uniquely positioned to manage dental needs comprehensively: with fewer health care encounters. It has long been a practice in our office to minimize office visits and maximize oral health. If an emergency or essential need should arise, we would be happy to help patients get the most out of their visit as possible.

For patients that have essential or emergency needs, we can help you with your treatment. In the case of uncertainty, call and ask! For example, you don’t need to see an Oral Surgeon to have a tooth taken out and an Endodontist to treat a root canal and a general dentist to make a crown. It is common practice at Convergent Dentistry to provide these treatments in one single visit. We bring as many as 5 disciplines of dentistry together at one time: changing lives for over 25 years. Patients who need oral health care can use Convergent Dentistry as a single resource to maximize their health and minimize their risk.

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