Gum Disease

WHAT IS GUM DISEASE? (Referred to as periodontics)

How our Periodontal treatment can help?

Dr. Christopher Rooney has focused his practice on helping people with multiple dental problems become healthy again. Most gum disease problems are not painful and often go unnoticed until advanced disease has developed. Often there can be other oral issues impacting the problem.

At Convergent Dentistry, our Pentadontic approach means fewer visits, less trauma and addresses all issues with greater comfort to best solve gum tissue problems. At Convergent Dentistry in Leawood, Kansas City we offer a variety of diagnostic, preventative, and treatment services in the field of periodontics by our highly skilled periodontists to meet your needs.

Your Questions Answered

At Convergent Dentistry, we understand that you may have questions about gum disease and its impact on your overall oral health. There may be cosmetic concerns like exposed teeth roots, gummy excess when smiling, loose or missing teeth that could benefit from oral plastic surgical intervention.

Whatever your concerns, we will take the time to help you understand all the options, customize a plan that meets your goals and review the best way to address your needs.

Untreated gum problems can escalate all too quickly. Unsightly issues and foul odor need not be a daily concern, so don't put off a visit to Convergent Dentistry. Call us today to schedule an appointment or see us for a no-charge consult to see how our integrated solutions can help you with your problem(s) in one time and place.  We are just a phone call away.

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