Dental Implants

WHAT ARE DENTAL IMPLANTS? (Referred to as prosthodontics)

Dental implants represent a common procedure of permanently replacing missing teeth without affecting neighboring teeth. 

With the help of dental implants, we can fully remedy missing tooth and thus strongly improve chewing and speaking abilities as well as restore a beautiful smile. Implants can also serve as carriers of a fixed dental bridge or denture.

Restorative Dentist in Leawood, KS

Dr. Christopher Rooney has focused his practice on helping people with multiple dental problems. A missing or damaged tooth can do more than just make chewing uncomfortable. Depending on its location, it can have aesthetic implications and also cause alignment issues with your other teeth. If you're in need of tooth restoration, come to Convergent Dentistry.

As an established restorative dental practice in Leawood, Overland Park and Olathe, KS we offer our patients a Pentadontic approach to solving complex dental issues. At Convergent Dentistry, we are improving the dental experience by solving difficult problems in fewer visits, less trauma and greater comfort with the Pentadontic approach.

Customized Solutions Based on Your Needs

When it comes to restorative dentistry, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. The Convergent Dental team has multiple ways to solve your problems. For example, we don’t provide only one implant type of treatment; we have many implant types or modalities. Our plan fits you and your needs as we have multiple ways to treat any given problem. Whether implants, bridges or removable appliances, we will help you understand all the options, customize a plan based on your goals and review the best life-like enhancing treatment to meet your needs. And because we want you to be fully comfortable moving forward with treatment, we'll be happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

To find out more about your options for restorative dentistry in Leawood, KS or to schedule a consultation, call us today.  Integrated solutions to your problem is just a phone call away.

Individualized Care to Suit Your Needs

At Convergent Dentistry, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to dental reconstruction. We have multiple different implant treatment options to fit individual needs, are credentialed, treat part and whole mouth issues and have a Pentadontic solution to a variety of oral health problems. We help people understand all the options, customize a plan based on their goals and review the necessary life-like enhancing treatment to best fit your reconstruction needs.

We are enhancing the dental experience through Pentadontics and are excited to share with you how your rehabilitation care can be a positive one; we never forget we are working with people and not just their teeth.

Don't let damaged or missing teeth impact your smile, oral health, or quality of life. Call today to schedule a no-charge consultation and learn more about dental reconstruction. Integrated solutions in one time and place are just a phone call away.

Dental Implants Leawood KS