Vinicia Fernanda

Vinicia Fernanda

Q. Where are you from?

A. I'm from Brazil, midwest like Kansas, city of Goiânia, state of Goiás

Q. What is your favorite place to travel?

A. I love to travel! as I really like summer, my favorite place must have to be beaches or lakes

Q. What is your favorite TV show?

A. I love the Voice

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. Brazilian food then Japanese food

Q. What is your favorite sports team?

A. Brazilian soccer team

Q. What is your favorite smile?

A. My smile is the most important... through it I can make my family and friends smile too

Q. What is your favorite store?

A. Zara

Q. What toothbrush do I use?

A. I use a manual toothbrush called Curaprox, from Switzerland

Q. One thing you may not know about me?

A. I live in a world of love and teeth! I have been a dentist in Brazil for over 20 years. I am Latin, but not Hispanic. My first language is Portuguese, not Spanish.




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