Patient resources to help with your dental visit: See what cosmetic dentistry can do for you

Finance: We have several finance options to help you complete your treatment plan. Here is how it works…


Click here to view our Written Financial Policy

Insurance: We submit all insurance to your carrier to see what they will cover out of network. Patients are often surprised to learn that a substantial portion of their services are covered as they are in network.

Forms: Please download and/or copy the following forms as instructed and complete before you arrive for your appointment. You can either mail to us or dropped them off before you scheduled appointment or bring with you the day of your appointment.

Online Medical/Health Forms: Fill out online and send prior to appointment.

Patient Instructions:

Preop: To make your dental experience more pleasurable we may ask you to follow the preop instructions before your upcoming visit. Certain medication may need to be stopped until after the treatment has been completed.

(Download instructions here)

Postop: After your appointment, you may be advised to follow the postop instruction to remain comfortable and not acerbate any complications.

(Download instructions here)

Should complications arise please call us immediately at 913-491-9119