New Year’s Resolutions and Oral Health for Care Givers: It’s My Turn



Caregivers have many responsibilities. Between looking after children, taking care of the family, and making sure that everyone and everything is in order, finding the time for self-care can be challenging. However, it is imperative that you put yourself first. Despite the many tasks and duties that need to be done, you can’t let your health and overall well-being suffer.

One area that gets overlooked in a busy schedule is oral health. As a caregiver, you’re worried about scheduling appointments for everyone else, but don’t forget about yourself. Without regular care, you may be living with unnecessary oral pain or ailments.

It’s a new year, and the time has arrived for you to begin caring for yourself. Put yourself first and take the time to book those appointments you’ve been skipping. Get that check-up you need or maybe even a cosmetic procedure you’ve always wanted. Whatever it is, do something for yourself this year that enhances your self-esteem and health.

Oral Health: Get Professional Dental Check-Ups & Cleanings

Despite what many believe, going to the dentist is essential. It provides you with the opportunity to receive specialized care from a trained professional. Dental cleanings are crucial because they help to limit the onset of gum disease, which is generally caused by plaque and tartar build-up.

As a busy caregiver, finding the time at home to properly care for your teeth can be tough. Visit your dentist at least twice a year to receive the guidance and care you need. Your dentist provides valuable preventative care including cleanings, examinations, check-ups, and thorough assessments to check for signs of oral cancer, infections, and potential symptoms of periodontal disease.

Ignoring your oral health can have an impact on the overall well-being of your body. Infections and diseases occurring in the mouth can affect parts of the body such as your heart and lungs.

Oral Health: Enhance Your Smile

Enhancing your smile is also an option to consider. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular as more individuals want to improve their appearance. For instance, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, re-shaping teeth, correcting orthodontic issues, and other procedures are just some of the imperfections that can be modified.

Sensitive teeth, often resulting from worn-down tooth enamel, aren’t a fact of life; they need repair. Sensitivity can influence how you consume food and drinks and even how you speak because you’re trying to avoid discomfort. You might even experience aching in other areas such as the jaw and neck. Sensitive teeth can be easily fixed by repairing or covering the affected teeth through bonding or veneers.

Overall, taking the time to take care of yourself is pivotal. After all, if your health and confidence are suffering, how can you care for and uplift others?

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Convergent Dentistry Is Dedicated to Your Oral Health

Caregivers are always on the move, and they often neglect their self-care. Convergent Dentistry is committed to helping individuals improve their oral health and, in turn, their overall wellness. Call our office to book an appointment today.  

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Dr. Rooney and the reliable team at Convergent Dentistry can care for you as you’ve cared for others. Stop hiding your smile and call Convergent Dentistry at 913-491-9119 or click here to schedule a consultation, or tour our office and see why other patients across the Midwest have joined the Convergent Dentistry Family in Leawood, Kansas.

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