Testimonials and Case Studies

Confident Interview: Natalie

Natalie was frustrated. She felt her teeth were holding her back from getting a job. We gave her life changing oral surgery. We removed several teeth, placed four mini-dental implants, and gave her new upper and lower teeth. This after-photo was less than 48 hours after surgery. Check out Natalie's new confident smile.

Young at Heart: Nick

Nick is a Purple Heart and Bronze Star decorated, War War II, Veteran. He served as a medic in the 96th Infantry Division in the Pacific Theater. Nick is always ready with a joke, for anyone who needs cheering up. At the age of 83, he had a subperiosteal implant surgically placed by Dr. Rooney to keep his lower denture secured and off of his sensitive gums. Nick has been enjoying his life-changing implant for the past seven years!

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