Testimonials and Case Studies

Confident Interview: Natalie

Natalie was frustrated. She felt her teeth were holding her back from getting a job. We gave her life changing oral surgery. We removed several teeth, placed four mini-dental implants, and gave her new upper and lower teeth. This after-photo was less than 48 hours after surgery. Check out Natalie's new confident smile.

Young at Heart: Nick

Nick is a Purple Heart and Bronze Star decorated, War War II, Veteran. He served as a medic in the 96th Infantry Division in the Pacific Theater. Nick is always ready with a joke, for anyone who needs cheering up. At the age of 83, he had a subperiosteal implant surgically placed by Dr. Rooney to keep his lower denture secured and off of his sensitive gums. Nick has been enjoying his life-changing implant for the past seven years!

Update: Emergency Services

We are available for you!

At Convergent Dentistry, we are subject experts at providing safe and pain free Essential and Emergency dentistry. We exceed CDC guidelines throughout the office, making us one of the safest places to seek care. Video appointments with Dr. Rooney are available on request.

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