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How can Convergent Dentistry help your practice?

Convergent Dentistry can help grow your practice through collaboration. Our focus is complex dental issues. We can treat patients as an extension of your office, to expand your services without an additional investment.

Our primary focus addresses obstacles that can come between a general practice and their complex dental patients. We support your referring practice by working through the unique needs of the complex dental patient. Pentadontics is a new approach that helps us provide limited intervention and solutions that benefit both the patient and practice.

When obstacles to conventional care present themselves think of us first! Our team can return your patient simplified, sooner, with less trauma, and in fewer visits – allowing you to continue or finish care.

Dr. Rooney’s background as a general dentist ensures your cases will return ready to finish the restoration, simply.

Referring practices can expect to see increased patient acceptance to the care needed, better patient management, increased compliance, congruent communication and patient retention. Properly identifying and addressing the needs of this small but growing population leads ultimately to practice growth, increased acceptance to the care the practice can provide and less stress for general dentists when providing care.

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