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Getting Dentures With A Personal Touch

At Convergent Dentistry we believe your oral health and comfort comes first. When you come to us you’ll get personalized attention and a tailored experience that would make getting your dentures a smooth comfortable process.

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We will help you understand all your options, customize a plan based on your goals and review the necessary life-like enhancing treatment to best address your situation. We have helped countless patients in and around the Kansas City region regain their confidence.

Dental Dentures include:



Whole Mouth



At Convergent Dentistry, as part of our dental denture services, we’ll take the time to help you understand all options, customize a plan based on your goals and review the necessary life-like enhancing treatment that is best for you. When you’re in need of denture options in the Kansas City area, find a provider that you can trust. Look to Dr. Christopher C. Rooney at Convergent Dentistry for gentle, compassionate care.

What Makes Us Different

Convergent Dentistry has evolved to serve patients who have more severe dental issues, generally due to neglect and/or fear by avoiding the dentist. They found themselves in need of correcting multiple dental problems that a general dentist practice wasn’t trained or equipped to manage in an efficient and effective manner.

Our Difference: By using advanced sedation, patients can get multiple problems corrected during one appointment, that if managed by a general dentist might take numerous visits to different specialists : Endodontist (root canal(s) to save the tooth), Oral Surgeon (tooth removal), Periodontist (gum disease and reverse bone loss), Prosthodontist (dentures, partials, and implant to restore appearance and health).

Our Goal: Is to manage the journey back to full dental health and return the patient back to their regular dentist if desired to complete crown & bridge work and maintain their dental health with regular cleanings and exams.

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Kansas Dental Association
Board of Oral Implantology / Implant Dentistry
American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Academy of General Dentistry
The American Dental Society of Anesthesiology

Christopher C. Rooney DDS, Diplomate in Implant Dentistry ABOI and AAID Credentialed



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