How can Pentadontics help?

Pentadontics was created and is mastered by Christopher C. Rooney, DDS to better address the obstacales that many people have with traditional dental treatment.

Pentadontics is the unique integration of five advanced surgical, restorative, and anesthesia disciplines to solve complex dental problems in one time and place.  It involves the use of proprietary instrumentation, practitioner education and experience requirements, and delivery systems to blend these elements for the greatest good of the client.

At Convergent Dentistry, we understand the obstacles that are faced, provide the solution and overcome the short-comings of traditional dental care. Look forward to restoring your confidence and self-esteem with a team that has the greatest respect for their clients.

The Convergent Dental team members are experts at enhancing the dental experience for this select group of people; “never forgetting we are working with people and not just their teeth.”

Benefits to the pentadontic approach at Convergent Dentistry:
  • Issues resolved in fewer appointments
  • All treatments at one location
  • Skilled in oral rehabilitation
  • Higher level of comfort – Anesthesia and sedation techniques
  • Greatest respect for healthy tissues- with minimally-invasive techniques (less pain and damage to healthy teeth and tissues)
  • Address fear issues
  • Individualized and low volume patient care setting
  • Often work with referring dentists
  • Frequently work with out of town clients
  • Improved self-esteem and self image


The Convergent Dental Team will customize your treatment options to return you to better oral health more easily, economically and timely compared to traditional treatment options.

Our clients ultimately benefit by having better overall health, function,  and confidence.

View two Pentadontic transformations and their stories:

Confident Interview

Natalie was frustrated and felt that her poor teeth were holding her back from getting a job. She received life-changing oral surgery to remove several teeth, place four mini-dental implants, and new upper and lower teeth. The after-photo was taken less than 48 hours after surgery with her new confident smile.

Young at Heart

Nick is a Purple Heart and Bronze Star decorated, War War II, Veteran who served as a medic in the 96th Infantry Division in the Pacific Theater. Nick is always ready with a joke, for when he finds someone who is down and needs to be cheered-up. At the age of 83 he had a subperiosteal implant surgically placed by Dr. Rooney to keep his lower denture secured and off of his sensitive gums. He has been enjoying his life-changing implant for the past seven years!

View the transition

Integrated Procedures
Pentadontics integrates these areas of dental treatment. Compare our Pentadontic approach to traditional options.